You dropped your phone in the washer? In your cup of coffee? . You took it with you under the rain? In the bath? . We have the solution! It's deoxidation.What is it ? It's a super simple process in which we clean and dry your electronic device with a special product and tools. à Rice might be an idea but it will end up disappointing you. It drys your electronics but leaves it rusty and this might damage your electronics. efficace, car il sèche votre appareil, en laissant la rouille attaquer les circuits importants ..

4 easy steps to save your phone

Shut Down

If still open, close your electronic device as soon as possible

Don't try anything

Don't charge your phone because it will create a short circuit.

Come at Tellution

Bring your phone to one of our 6 stores.


Our specialists will save your phone.





Price for 1 minute

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Service : 29.99 $

We may have to replace some pieces.

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